gula2 hari jumaat!^_^

have fun with who u are used to be.

Drill it into your mind tightly, screw it into you deepest heart firmly:

my crazy poem says,

neither everyone is going to hurt u babe,
nor everything happens for no reason dear,
they may hv a solid reason,
we may not fully understand at d moment,
sure we will soon as time goes by,
day by day we mature,
for the time being,
follow the steps,
listen to your beautiful heart rythm,
no matter how complicated things get,
enjoy n appreciate what you do hv now,
think later whats going to be next,
cuz definitely we are not the one who can maneuver it,
open your eyes bigger n bigger,
eat ur cookies,
give some freedom to your mind,
have fun with your burdens,
just create a shining-glowing smile

like no yourself n never



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